Djurens Rätt
07 September 2020

Half a million fewer animals – meat consumption declines in Sweden

The majority of the number of land living animals consumed in Sweden are chickens. Their small size in comparison to other animals, requires more individuals for the same amount of meat. That is why a small reduction in consumption or total use of chicken meat saves a lot of lives. 

The decline in chicken meat per person for the first half-year looks small in percent, -1,4 %, but for the whole population it means over 470 000 fewer chickens. The decline in pig meat consumption also translates to a lot of individuals, 60 000. That is exciting news for all those who care about farm animals.

 – I am glad that over half a million animals avoided a life in the meat industry for Swedes’ consumption. We at Djurens Rätt work full time to inspire more people to eat a more plant based diet and we hope that this decline in meat consumption will continue for the rest of the year. More people do realize that the meat industry is problematic, not only for ethical reasons, but also for the prevention of climate change and diseases, says Moa Richter Hagert, Communications Manager at Djurens Rätt.

This is translated from a Swedish version of the text. More information on how Djurens Rätt have calculated and analysed earlier statistics on meat consumption can be read in Swedish here. 


Anna Harenius

Anna Harenius