Djurens Rätt
26 July 2016

Organisationer uppmanar Pamplona att förbjuda tjurrusningarna

I ett brev till borgmästaren i Pamplona från 30 olika människo-, barn- och djurrättsorganisationer, bland dem svenska Djurens Rätt, så uppmanas staden att förbjuda de årliga tjurrusningarna.

Så här skriver organisationerna i brevet:

"We are writing on behalf of 30 women's, children's, and animal organisations and our millions of members and supporters around the globe. Following 11 allegations of sexual assault, four rapes, and one attempted rape perpetrated against women, children, and men on the streets of Pamplona, as well as the torture and death of 54 bulls, we urge you to put an end to the violent San Fermín festival.

We are united in our fight against violence. The recklessness and cruelty inherent in bullfighting and bull runs can encourage a dangerous and lawless atmosphere in which the safety and lives of humans and animals are put at risk for the sake of depraved "entertainment"."

Peter Nilsson

Peter Nilsson

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